Monday, May 29, 2006

Blogging and Bassin' - Memorial Day Weekend

I'm going to try and not neglect this site any more than I already have, but since the Lost Nomad has invited me to join him as a guest blogger on his site it may be difficult. Let's face it folks, he has thousands of readers and gets over 2000 hits a day. I have a few faithful readers... Rob, Bill, Basspastor...

That said, the basshole has always been there for me, and I won't let it die. Here's a few pics of some bass I caught during a Memorial day outing to Idong this afternoon.

The bite started slow as shit, but picked up nicely late in the afternoon. In fact, about the time we left was when it was at it's best all day. Hell, I wasn't driving, and I sure didn't want to get stuck on the wrong side of the mountain again in the dark, so I obliged and reeled up when everyone else did.

I caught one bass tha might have went 4lbs. If it wasn't close to 4 than I truly am an amateur. Again, I need to get a freaking scale. I guess I'll just go buy one from Yeom this week and quit talking about it.

Anyway, congrats out to Alan who landed a nice 5.4 lb lunker out at Andong over the weekend. he is now the proud (and temporary) keeper of the "5lb+ Trophy Bass Hat'" a club that Rob made up, or at least he will be once I give it over to him. Don't be getting my hat dirty Alan... Just note the weight, date, and your name somewhere on the hat, and then put it somewhere safe until I come looking for it again. :)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Fishing vs. Catching, Saturday, May 20th, 2006

A group of us went out to the lake Bill and I found recently and we cleaned up. We brought 3 electric trolling motors with us and we wanted to take the boats with the transoms already built-in. Adjoshi had other plans and made us take the crappiest boats. Luckily we planned for this and had brought some home made transoms with us.

We paired off in three groups of two and with three boats. One boat reported catching 12 bass; another reported catching 30+, and the last one reported catching 45 - 50. John even caught another big catfish on a spinner bait, while Bill snagged a nice Bream on a spinner bait.
No lunkers caught today,
though I did see one pass close by the boat that might have went 6 or 7 lbs. The lake is chock full of bluegill and crystal clear in some places. You could see the strike 20 yards out, and also watch the little bass chase the lures all the way to the boat.

Everyone had a blast. For a while there it was almost a fish for every cast. I turned Bill on to the power of the chartreuse spinner bait and he started nailing them one after another. When I put a trailer hook on it was all over but the crying. If I landed every fish that hit my bait I would easily have caught over a 100 bass, truth is I was catching so many I quit counting them.
Most of the fish Bill and I caught were about a pound and a half, though we had more than a few that were 2 lbs and up.
What a great day. The weather was good, though it was foggy-as-all-get-out when we first got there. We left Pyeongtaek around 0530, not too far off of schedule... Most of us (not all) were up at 0330 getting ready. Bill and John came through as usual right on time and Bill even brought Dunkin Donuts. I like fishing with these guys. They make a plan and actually stick to it. John is hard-core and would probably have stayed out there until the cows came home, but we were getting pretty fried and my battery was dying so we called it quits around 3pm. Bill is starting to scare me - I can tell he's a die hard like me.

Though it started out a little bumpy, as it always seems to when you're trying to get 6 or more people together at the same time and place, it was such a nice day it would have been almost impossible to ruin it.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Why I like Fishing in a 1000 Words or Less

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

9lb Bass Caught in Korea

Charles caught this porker last week at Andong lake, Korea's premier bass lake.