Sunday, April 30, 2006

Saturday: Rain, Rain and More Rain (not)

At least I was hoping it would. I ended up cancelling a big party with a live band because the weather report called for a 50% chance of rain. Well, as some of you know, it turned out to be the nicest day of the year so far. So, we had a small BBQ party instead. That's enough drinking for awhile... it's time for some fishing. I may join some of the guys down at Andong who are going there for a pro tournament, but the important thing is to get back in the water. I'm betting the bass are in pre-spawn mode right about now, or possibly bedding, we'll see. It should be fun this weekend to try and figure out what they're up to.

I'm going to try and scrounge up a piece of plywood to make a solid deck for my inflatable. I think it would be a lot more comfortable to be able to freely walk and stand in it, instead of balancing on the ribs.

See you on the water.

- G.


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