Monday, March 20, 2006

First Bass of the Year

Met with some friends Sunday morning and we headed East of Pyeongtaek to check out a couple of new (to me) lakes that looked promising. The weather was clear, but windy and cool. The first lake had a lot of drowned bushes and stick ups, and though we didn't catch any, we could tell it would be productive when it gets a little warmer. Particularly by boat... The second lake was more of the same. We could tell it was a bass lake by all the lures dangling off the power lines... Brush hogs, rubber worms, jigs etc. I finally managed to hook my only fish of the day on a spinner bait. I was drop-shotting for most of the morning, but never had a single bite. I liked the second lake the best of the two as it had a beautiful area where the mountain came right up to the waters edge, and you could tell it was quite deep there. The water was very clean at both lakes. This one reminded me of Nomad's cove on the backside of Seongjeon lake as we did a little mountain climbing to get to the dam area. The only way to fish the mountain wall would be by boat, as it's steep and heavy with cover. That's exactly what I plan to do the next time I go back. It was a good day all in all. I was just happy to avoid the skunk smell on the first time out.

"I see dead people..."


Blogger Basspastor said...

Congratulations on that first bass. In Minnesocold we are ice bound for at least 2 more weeks. Then when the ice leaves it is illegal to intentionally target Bass, Pike, and walleye. So we fish for panfish and Dogfish and get bass as an incidental, or is that accidental??, catch (Wink Wink).

"Honest officer, I wasn't trying to catch this largemouth. You know those darn bass will bite on anything"

2:32 PM  
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